30 years old Tallinn School Managers

On the threshold of 30 years Anniversary of Tallinn Scholl of Management (TSM) I’d like to thank Vladimir Konstantinovich Tarasov and his family for giving me an opportunity to associate with them and learn from them.

1. Thank you for the values of Tallinn Scholl of Management. I admire of it, because the more I take it in, the more my Power grows up…
— inspire to be real, but not seem to be,
— learn the skill to say the truth to yourself,
— choose for the horizontal career,
— fix the big goal beyond the borders of life,
— rejoice at your failure more than at your luck,
— don’t complain and don’t ask for a favour,
— feel the power in indifference,
— act “not because for”, but act “what for”,
— manage everything from any point,
— make good things not for the person, but make the person be able to make good things,
— choosing the way, think it over, who’s going to come it through,
— good business should be profitable.

2. Thank you very much for the development of my abilities for self-teaching. Sometimes I cry having lost Management competitions or preparing myself for it, putting on dramatic images. It brings profitable results to my life and business. It makes my character stronger and any further steps become easier than it was before.

3. Special thanks to TSM Business-camp. Emotions are over-rising up when you sleep just an hour per day and night, some participants are losing hair and skin is cracking like in horror movies. Everyone has own level of psychological stability. Such a sincere and frank way of this technology allows me to see the person the way he or she is, but not the way he or she wants to seem.

4. Over 20 years ago I lost my Father and Vladimir Konstantinovich gave and still gives me a farther helping hand and support. I can ask him for an advice and he always comes back with a farther Good and Wise Tip…

5. For all these years I’ve been having the honor to know Vladimir Konstantinovich he teaches us being in calm and positive mood condition what he always keeps. Taking this mood condition in makes me better…

6. Vladimir Konstantinovich is a good family man and his family is a nice example how the partner- and relationship should be. His relationship with his wife Helle and his daughters as well as the atmosphere in his family are admired.

7. Thanks to Vladimir Konstantinovich trainings I learnt the technology of Japanese koans definition. My work on it teaches me to see what’s hidden behind. At least to see what can’t be discovered at the first sight. It develops my ability to think on my own.

My picture of the world became wider and my character became more indulgently… I’d like to wish The Master and His Family love and many years for creative activity.

Sergey Bereda
The learner and follower of V.K. Tarasov