About me

I’m – businessman and investor

25 years of entrepreneurial experience of building and developing of business according to world standards. The possession of business, generating passive returns, makes it possible for me to travel, to play sport and to improve myself, to make my surrounding space the best place for living.

I’m – a student of university of life.

From my earliest years I have taught all ins and out of business and found myself in this way. I have absorbed the spirit of street and then realized different business ideas step by step. I have been faced with crazy success, loss of business, betrayal of companions and death threat on this way. These experience has built my strength of mind, my volitional and impenetrable nature.

I have been being a student of V.K.Tarasov school for more than 20 years. Graduated with honours my program and continue to visit classes nowdays. Traveling around the world I collect the experience and culture of countries like USA, England, Italy, China, India and Japan. This knowledges and skills I transform into multiyear experience, but in programs and classes for my customers.

I’m – social technologist.

I’m advising people on way out of crisis in a professional life and in a private. Also I help to see the real scheme of things about business and life. My customers – are purposeful people, companies owner’s, top-managers of the biggest corporations.

From 1989 to 2008 I have graduated with four degrees of medicine, economy, lawyer and business analyzing.

I started own business in 1980th. At the beginning of my career I bought estate property. From 1994 realized different trading and food production projects. From 1999 I have been being an owner of the construction company (malls and office buildings). In 2002 at the first time I realized the luxury community project in Moscow.( “Zaharkovo”, “Pavlovo” direction “Novaya Riga”)

From 1988 I have been being a student of Tallinn School of Managers. I have listen all classes and graduated with honnours the program of Vladimir Tarasov.

From 2003 I have listen more than 30 training programs of business.

From 2006 as a part of my developing investment program I have realized more than 60 projects.

From 2008 I had been holding two posts –The president of tutorial soviet and develop manager of “Saratov Trading home of estate”.

The political career was began in 2012. From 2012 to 2016 I have been working in The Federation Council.

I’m a multiple winner of administrative scramble competition in Russian Federation.

From 2012 I have been holding a post of Chairman of state separation Presidium of Federation of administrative scramble.

Hobbies & Achievements

  • Social technologies, philosophy, classical music, fiction reading;
  • Yoga (more than 17 years of daily practice), chess, and table tennis, swimming-first rank, hockey, extreme sports;
  • Travels.