Yuri Shilov

Took a Consultation

Thanks to Sergey Bereda — to my friend, teacher, and now trouble shooter.
In cooperation with Sergey we worked out a multistage solution for difficult problem- a conflict with one big organization. Both sides are pleased.
It’s rare sensation – when named price per hour seems not real and too high, but as result seems you pay too little, and you want to share this treasure.
Earlier, Sergey Bereda as consultant and trouble shooter was approachable only for close audience, rich people and their children, whom usually named “Mr. N and Mrs. X” in books.
Nowadays, Sergey prepares a book of a practical application of social technologies on high (VIP) standard and solving of dead-end problems. The content of this book looks like a difficult way of russian Miyamoto Musasi(https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Miyamoto Musasi) with many examples from real life.
I’m recommending Sergey when you face with complicated multilayer problems. Sergey, thanks for result!!!